Classically Inspired Summerhouse
The house was designed and built for a European couple that only intended to live in it for part of the year, but knew that when they did stay at the house, they would be having a lot of family members over. They would therefore require extra bedrooms, besides the expansive living and dining rooms, as well as recreational areas inside and outside the house; including a screening room, a Turkish Hamam, a Middle Eastern sitting room, a large pool, and an area for recreation and sunbathing. The house expresses a combination of European elegance and a Mediterranean openness, with a strong tie between its interior and exterior areas.
The Property: Lot 1290 m², built-up 655 m², Caesarea
The Client: An older couple, European residents
Status: Completion date: May 2009
Exterior Photos
כניסה לוילה המאופיינת בסגנון הביזנטי
Interior Photos
כניסה לוילה המאופיינת בסגנון הביזנטי
The Construction Process
כניסה לוילה המאופיינת בסגנון הביזנטי