Rural Home in a Galilee MOSHAVA
This house was designed and constructed for a family with adult and teenage children. The design objective was to allow for maximum privacy for each family member in accordance with his or her age and personal needs, and at the same time, create a public area that would act as a center of gravity and focal point for the house; bringing everyone together, reflecting the warm family atmosphere, and giving a sense of unity. The layout of the land dictated a multilevel construction, which resulted in a house comprised of 3 levels: the middle, entry level contains the public spaces, while the upper and lower levels include the bedrooms and service areas. The family was aware that the small-sized lot at their disposal would not allow for special, impressive facades, and instead, directed their attention toward the small details of the house interior and back yard.
The Property: Lot 452 m², built-up 240 m²
The Client: A family with grown up and teenage children
Status: Completion date: December 2005
Exterior Photos
כניסה לוילה המאופיינת בסגנון הביזנטי
Interior Photos
כניסה לוילה המאופיינת בסגנון הביזנטי