A House in Lower Galilee
This young family wanted a modestly sized house that will suit their budget, but was also will be comfortable, warm, inviting and with a distinctive rural character. An important condition was the option of expanding the house in the future to match the changing needs of the growing family. To accommodate this, the house was planned as single-story, but with an architectural and structural infrastructure set in place for a future second floor. The lot faces a lovely view of the hills of the Lower Galilee on one side, and a view of Mt. Tavor on the other. This advantage affected the house’s positioning and the locations of its various spaces.
The Property: Lot 526 m², built-up 170 m²
The Client: A young family with their first child
Status: Completion date: September 2013
Exterior photos
כניסה לוילה המאופיינת בסגנון הביזנטי
The Construction Process
כניסה לוילה המאופיינת בסגנון הביזנטי