About The Firm
The Tamar Asher-Avnon Architectural firm is unique in terms of its approach, and the breadth of its services. The firm specializes in designing homes for private clients who want their dreams fulfilled, and wish to enjoy a positive experience during the ordeal of designing and planning a home. In addition, our clients expect to achieve these goals while successfully maintaining both their budget and their sanity.
The office is located in Caesarea, in the house of Tamar and Dror Avnon. Founded in the year 2003 by Tamar, who dreamed of becoming an architect from the early age of 12, the firm has since gradually expanded its circle of clients. Tamar’s husband, Dror, joined the firm several years later, having supported and aided Tamar in her work throughout the period of the firm’s existence. By joining the firm, he expanded its list of services to include construction supervision and budget management. The addition of these services allowed the firm to better meet the needs of its clients. With the increased scope of the firm’s activity, new architects and designers were hired, all adhering to the firm’s vision and unique approach.

The Team  

Tamar is a graduate of The Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at The Technion in Haifa. After graduation, she joined an architectural firm in the city. Tamar intermittently worked locally as an architect, and also lived in the US with her family for long periods. Upon her return to Israel in 1998, she designed and supervised the construction of her family home in Caesarea. In 2003, she founded an independent firm that specializes in designing and renovating private residences. Tamar’s in-depth familiarity with construction technologies, and thorough understanding of the components and tools of interior design, contribute to the expansion of the firm’s scope of activity. Since its founding, the firm has grown to include the management and supervision of the construction process.
Dror is a graduate of The Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering at the Technion in Haifa. After a long career in Hi-Tech, in both local and overseas companies, he decided it was time to bring his expertise home. Having aided Tamar in her work over the years, Dror joined the firm. The result was creating a family enterprise, where a unique architectural vision was joined with, and complemented by, the innovation of the Hi-Tech industry.
Other architects and designers complete the firm’s staff working under Tamar’s guidance, implementing a detail-oriented approach through deep study of all the aspects of architectural design and planning. This seasoned team is skilled at preparing elaborate work plans that leave no room for questions, errors, or misinterpretations by the contractors.