Our Credo
Designing a house is a profound endeavor and a unique experience for both client and architect. I believe a house needs to be warm and inviting. It needs to offer peace and tranquility, and to be the shelter we all need. A home is a place we always enjoy returning to, a place we miss when we are far away even in beautiful and exotic places of the world.

This is the idea we envision as we begin the process of designing a new house or renovating an existing one. Its fulfillment is expressed on all levels: from a conceptual program that defines the exact functions your family requires (along with the perfect application of these functions), to the detailed plan that translates the program into spaces, openings and passageways, and finally, to the choice of construction and finish materials, textures and hues, which will “dress up” the house, creating its own unique character. All of these aspects will be designed in accordance with the planned objectives, and the preferences of its future inhabitants.

Our approach avoids passing fashions and short lived trends. We stick to design principles, engineering solutions, construction and finish materials that have proven themselves time and again, and have the best chance of withstanding the test of time: they will not rub off or wear away, and they will not become outdated. They will age gracefully, and with dignity.

We believe in architecture that is based in centuries of experience, and knowledge of planning and design. It employs a rich, detailed visual language that leans on universal aesthetic principles such as proportion, harmony, and symmetry – principles that are time-tested and proven trustworthy. We avoid architecture that is “thin” and lacking in detail, the kind that supposedly leans on a modern, minimalistic design approach and uses “clean lines”. Too often, houses designed with this trend in mind feel cold and inhospitable, and lack the sense of coziness for which we strive.